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Wireless Juice Cup  and Portable Blender

Capacity: 500 ml


Size: Total 26cm (H), Base height 8cm

Bottle height: 15.5cm, Base diameter 8.1

Bottle cover material: ABS, PP, Silica gel

Bottle material: AS

Base material: ABS

Blade material: Stainless stain

Power: USB 5V

Battery: Capacity 4000 mAh

Motor: DV7.4V 20000rpm

Max power: 150 w



• Preparation

1. One hand holds the body cup, another hand rotates the cup lid, unscrew the lid. 2. Wash the fruits clean , cut into cubes of about 2cm, put the cut fruits into the bottle , add some water or with drink.

3. Tighten the bottle cover, make sure the ingredients don't leak out.

4. Rotate the cup to the base, make sure its tight.


• Usage

1. One hand holds the body cup, another hand press the button.

2. If the blade is stuck by the fruits, hold the bottle and base tightly, shake the bottle slightly and restart.

3. Press the start button, working for about 20sec. Add more juice if required, press the button again.


• Cleaning Method

1. Fill the bottle with half of water, keep a press on the 'ON/OFF Button' for 20 seconds and blade will be washed clean.

2. Apart from the host device, the plastic bottle can be washed in water.


• Charging Method of the Bottle Juicer

Please use DC5V lA or superior charger adapter to charge the product. The indicator light will be red during charging, and will turn green after full charged.